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Sell home decor and your teaching skills on CultureSchool

Young African creator with his wares
Abstract of textiles

Why Sell on CultureSchool?


Earn extra income

CultureSchool is the perfect platform for small business owners and entrepreneurs looking to earn extra money. Become an online seller or teacher and grow your business with CultureSchool's easy-to-use online marketplace. Whether you are looking to start a side hustle or just want to enrich your life with new knowledge and experiences, CultureSchool has something for everyone.


CultureSchool enables vibrant cultural exchange between sellers and buyers. By providing an online platform for people to market their skills and grow their businesses, CultureSchool makes it easy to become a successful online seller or teacher.


We don't charge for product or service listings and our commission for all sales that happen on or because of our site is 20% + a 3% processing fee.

 “I got laid off a month ago but I’m still so excited to pursue my side hustle full-time. I'm also very thankful for the opportunity this platform has given me. Small businesses like mine can get overlooked and some of those other ecommerce sites are just overwhelming. So far, it's been really cool knowing I can turn my passion for refurbishing  and reselling furniture from where  I grew up into a career and I’m so grateful for the support my CultureSchool is giving me to do that

Robin Walters

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